Can You Get Herpes On Your Tongue?

So maybe you've asked the question "Can I get herpes on my tongue" or you've heard someone ask "Can You Get Herpes on your tongue?" On this page we'll give factual information on this question.

Fact: You Can Get Herpes On Your Tongue

If you have oral herpes, it will most likely show up on your lips, either on the inside or outside. However, in rare cases the herpes can produce sores on your tongue.

Now, if you have an odd bump on your tongue you've never had before, it is more likely it is a canker sore (apthous ulcer). This looks somewhat like a herpes cold sore, with a white rim and red center. If you are concerned, you should go to a doctor and have them evaluate the bump, and possibly prescribe something that can deal with whatever the ailment may be.

Either way, if the sore does not heal in about a week or two (or becomes significantly worse) you should go to the doctor and get it evaluated.

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