Can You Get Herpes Without Having Sex?

Have you asked the question "Can I get herpes without having sex?" or you've heard someone ask "Can You Get Herpes even if you haven't had sexual intercourse?" If so, this is the right page as we can answer that for you.

Fact: You Can Get Definitely Get Herpes Without Having Sex

Unfortunately, herpes can still be transferred even if you are not having sex with someone. Traditional sexual contact (penis-vaginal sex) is a good way to transmit Type-II Genital Herpes. However, oral herpes (commonly known as cold sores) can still be transferred even if you are not having any type of sexual intercourse.

Here are some methods for transferring herpes that don't involve sex:

  • You can get herpes from kissing
  • You can get herpes from sharing a drink, fork, spoons, etc
  • You can get herpes from sharing cigarettes or bongs

    The good news is you have virtually zero chance of transferring genital (Type-II) herpes without some sort of really strange contact (or having sex). However, making out (kissing) someone is a great way (probably the best way actually) to transfer oral herpes from one person to the other. Herpes can also be transferred via sharing drinks, but this is much less likely (although still possible).

    The herpes virus dies pretty quickly outside the body, so random contact like shaking hands or bumping into someone won't spread the disease.

    In conclusion:

    can you get herpes without having sex

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